Liquid Brand Summit 2011

2008 Brand Summit

What's Next? The senior brand marketers that participated in the Liquid Brand Summit 2008 got together to discuss a diverse set of topics — including the potential of mobile marketing, the opportunities available with social media, and the challenges of co-marketing and co-branding. By the end of the day, the participants had uncovered fresh approaches and new ideas.


Keynote Speaker

Clent Richardson


Clent Richardson, a respected transformation leader known for his work in branding and the high technology industry shared the accomplishments and challenges faced by the TiVo brand.

Featured Speaker

Scott Kabat

Director of Marketing, Flip Video

Scott Kabat helped launch the highly successful Flip Video family of digital camcorders, which Yahoo! Tech called "the world's simplest video camera." The rest is history.

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Session 1

How green is your brand? And, why should I care?

Moderated by: David Roman, HP

The impact that technology has on the environment is enormous – yet, the impact that environmental issues are having on technology brands may even be bigger. Consumers are being influenced by their perceptions of whether or not brands are environmentally responsible – while VCs are pouring billions into green companies. What does this phenomenon mean for brand marketers? How is this trend affecting technology brands? What are the strategic implications and the tactical action items? What can brands do to embrace green practices and leverage the goodness associated with doing the right thing for the planet?

VP WW Marketing Communications,

David is the recent recipient of the Creativity 50 award to honor those most influential creatives in the year 2006 for the work he's done spearheading the HP advertising and marketing campaign. HP has also won the Advertising Age Campaign of the Year award based on the success of HP's The Computer is Personal Again campaign.

Session 2

Extending brands in new digital media. How to take advantage of mobile marketing?

Moderated by: Joan Delfino, Adobe

In 2008 larger portions of marketing budgets will continue to shift to digital media with much of the attention on new platforms like mobile marketing. Many brands are looking for ways to take advantages of recent advances in handsets and services that are making new content and entertainment experiences possible worldwide. How do brand managers take advantage of mobile marketing? How much priority should it be given and how can it integrate with other digital programs? Learn about the latest ways brands are delivering compelling one to one mobile experiences that creates new relationships with customers.

Joan Delfino
Vice President,
Mobile Content

As Vice President of Mobile Content, Joan Delfino shapes Adobe's strategy to drive adoption of its mobile solutions through partnerships with media companies and content providers. Delfino's marketing experience spans a 20-year career at Adobe. Prior to her role in mobile, Delfino was Adobe's Vice President of Brand Marketing where she established and led the company's award-winning integrated marketing communications and global campaign strategy.

Session 3

Are tech brands ready to invade the living room?

Moderated by: Tony Lee, TiVo

For years we've been waiting. Finally, we have the devices, the software, and the bandwidth to deliver all forms of digital content so consumers can enjoy it from the comfort of their couch. Technology brands are vying to own "the ten foot experience" – yet this is new territory for many tech brands. How do brands convince consumers that this is for real? How can brands communicate the value proposition without talking about "speeds and feeds"? What can brands do to deliver experiences that capture the consumer's heart and imagination? What are the challenges and opportunities for brand building in the living room?

Tony Lee
VP Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing at TiVo, Tony leads both Consumer and Partner marketing efforts. He has over twenty years of technology marketing, strategy, and business development experience in consumer electronics, software and services. Before joining TiVo, Tony headed up his own consulting company which focused on Solutions Marketing. Among his major clients were Hewlett Packard, CompUSA, and TiVo.

Session 4

Challenger brands: The David and Goliath story.

Moderated by: Scott Erickson, Zune

Once upon a time there was a giant brand that dominated the marketplace. Smaller brands were crushed by huge budgets and powerful distribution channels. Then, a little known brand used a new weapon to upset the order of things – and succeeded against all odds. In the technology world, this story is happening every day. The rules have changed, and – more than ever before – unknown brands have an opportunity to capture marketshare away from established brands. How are challenger brands succeeding? What does this mean for more established brands? What are the strategies and the tactics that can be implemented to succeed as a smaller brand – or to stay relevant as an established brand? What are the factors that are enabling this trend?

Scott Erickson
Senior Director
of Product Management

Scott Erickson is senior director of product management for Zune®, Microsoft Corp.'s digital music and entertainment brand. Erickson helped to launch Zune in November 2006, and has helped to develop the user experience for the project through his technical expertise and previous consumer technology projects. Erickson splits his time among product planning, product research and product marketing.

Session 5

Co-Branding / Co-Marketing: Plenty of opportunities and many pitfalls.

Moderated by: Jennifer Barbour, Intel

Most technology brands are part of a larger ecosystem, and they are realizing that there are many benefits in partnering with other brands – such as sharing marketing costs, reaching more people, and leveraging the power of other brands. However, the road to co-marketing and co-branding is also fraught with potential pitfalls like alienating potential customers, diluting messages, and confusing consumers. What should brand managers consider before entering into these arrangements? What insights can guide decisions? How do you create a win/win for both brands?

Jennifer Barbour
Corporate Brand
Identity, Senior
Manager &Creative

Jennifer has worked at Intel for over 7 years during which time she has played a variety of roles within Intel's complex brand and marketing structure. Currently she is the Corporate Brand Identity Senior Manager and Creative Lead, and in this role she is responsible for expressing the brand persona and the long term brand vision of the $32 billion Intel brand through design. Jennifer provides strategic and creative leadership to the internal teams and agencies tasked with evolving the Intel brand identity in a manner that is fresh, bold, and differentiated.

Session 6

Brands as facilitators – Ways to engage in two way conversations.

Moderated by: Nicolas Chavez, Yahoo

Consumers are turning away from traditional advertising that seeks to control. Instead they are taking control of finding information, seeking and making product recommendations. How do brand marketers navigate this new landscape? What are the right and wrongs ways to engage customers in a two way conversation? Learn how some of the best brands build community around their users and the results they've achieved when they facilitate not mandate the conversation.

Nicolas Chavez
Senior Director of Brand Marketing

Nicolas Chavez, senior director of brand marketing, leads global strategy and development of 360° advertising campaigns, as well as overall media planning and buying for Yahoo! Under Chavez's leadership, his team was responsible for several high-profile advertising and promotional campaigns for Yahoo!, most recently the "Be a Better _____!" brand refresh, the re-launch of, and the award-winning Yahoo! Answers "Ask the Planet 2006" campaign.

Session 7

Co-Creation: What do customers know and why should brands listen?

Moderated by: Rod Swanson, EA

Tech brands are discovering the potential benefits from the direct involvement of customers in the design of their products and services. This approach to product development is called co-creation, and it is emerging as one of those trends that will have a major impact on brand building. How can brand marketers leverage the input of their customers to develop better and more successful products? What are the best ways to solicit insight? How do you incorporate your customers' feedback – while staying true to your brand vision? Which brands are doing this well and how?

Rod Swanson
Senior Director
EA Brand

Rod Swanson joined Electronic Arts in 1992 to provide management and direction to a rapidly expanding group of traditional artists being assimilated into a culture of engineers. During this time he lead several World Wide Artist Conferences within Electronic Art's development community to build the diverse creative teams required for the creation of interactive entertainment.

Session 8

Brand Overload: How do you get them to choose you?

Moderated by: Kevin McSpadden, eBay

In today's world, there are more choices than ever. For almost every brand there are numerous alternatives trying to convince you that they're better than the rest. For technology brands, this gets even more complicated because the products and services are constantly evolving, the lifespan of brands continues to get shorter, and emerging technologies keep disrupting the status quo. Yet, some brands seem to rise to the top – while others struggle to capture people's attention. How do brand marketers establish their brands as the best choice in this complex landscape? How do brands build relationships that outlast product cycles? How do marketers develop successful positioning strategies in a constantly changing environment? How do brands break through the clutter and establish emotional connections and brand preference??

Kevin McSpadden
Senior Director of Brand Marketing

Kevin McSpadden is Senior Director of Brand Marketing for the eBay Brand and eBay Sub-Brands. McSpadden has worn several marketing hats since joining eBay in November 2001; of note, Kevin lead development of a patented promotions tool for eBay, the marketing communication in the merge between eBay and PayPal, and most recently challenged folks to "shop victoriously". For the past four years, McSpadden has had the privilege to lead eBay's brand strategy and marketing campaigns, as well as Brand Management and Licensing. Kevin and his team manage the eBay partnership with BBDO Advertising/OMD Media Agencies and Creative Artist Agency.

Session 9

How do brands penetrate emerging markets? What about China and the rest of Asia?

Moderated by: Michael Tatelman, Dell

The world is getting smaller, yet the marketplace is expanding – fast. Very fast. In today's global economy brands need to evaluate the impact of the emerging markets. These are places that offer the most opportunity for growth – yet, they are far away and very different from established markets – like the US. So, how do brands grow in Asia? What is the best way to reach these audiences? How do successful brands adapt to such a cultural diversity that sets new standards fro globalization? What are the challenges that brands face as they compete overseas? What are the strategies and the executional tactics being adopted by companies that are making an impact today?

Michael Tatelman
Vice President of
Consumer Sales
and Marketing

Michael Tatelman joined Dell in August 2007, as Vice President of the Global Consumer Sales & Marketing organization. He is responsible for the global management of our Direct Consumer Sales organizations, Online sales capabilities, Consumer Marketing efforts, and third-party Retail alliances. Michael and his team are committed to delivering amazing experiences to customers around the world.

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