The Liquid Brand Summit is an exclusive one day event where the most influential thinkers and decision makers in the technology market gather to discuss relevant and timely topics about branding and marketing — with the objective of arriving at the best practices of tomorrow.


The next summit will be held on March 1, 2011.

The Liquid Brand Summit 2011 will be held again at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto - since it proved to be very convenient in terms of accessibility, while also being an elegant and comfortable setting for the day's activities. The last Liquid Brand Summit was in 2008, and was attended by over 100 brand and marketing professionals. Clent Richardson, the CMO of TiVo was the keynote speaker and the Session Leaders included high level executives from brands like Adobe, Dell, eBay, Electronic Arts, HP, Intel, Yahoo, and Zune.

The theme for 2011 is "Transformation"

We live in an age that is defined by economic upheaval, mergers and acquisitions, technology convergence, complex competition strategies, social media transparency, channel fragmentation, and audience diversification. It is a time of radical change.

These are challenging conditions for brands and for brand marketers. In order to stay relevant and be competitive, brands need to transform themselves and their relationships with a wide variety of audiences.

The Brand Summit is the place where senior marketing executives come to discuss how brands can address these very real business challenges-with the goal of arriving at the strategies and tactics necessary to create differentiation, preference and loyalty.

Discuss relevant brand issues with respected experts.

The Brand Summit format involves intimate round table discussions moderated by respected high level brand and marketing executives from top technology brands (Session Leaders). Each session is focused on a topic addressing one of the most relevant issues about brands today, and the objective is to uncover the best practices used by successful brand marketers to create brand awareness,differentiation and preference.

Each attendee gets to participate in two different sessions.

Participants will have a chance to attend two different session- one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. This will enable them to discuss topics that are important to them with session leaders who have specific expertise with those issues, and with peers sitting at their tables who share similar challenges.

Everyone signs NDAs to encourage sharing of ideas.

While it is up to each participant to decide what is appropriate to discuss in a public setting, all Brand Summit attendees are required to sign NDAs as a way to encourage sharing of individual issues, and to promote the idea that the information shared during the Brand Summit should be kept private and confidential.

Attendees gain insight and tools to help them succeed.

Throughout the day, we collect the findings from each session and compile a summary of the best practices uncovered during the Brand Summit. These findings are presented by each session leader to the entire gathering, enabling every participant to benefit from the conclusions that resulted from each of the sessions. The findings presentation is followed by a a panel discussion that includes all the session leaders. And, shortly after the summit, we distribute a report documenting the best practices uncovered during the event.

The agenda includes plenty of opportunities to mingle.

The Brand Summit starts with a breakfast, where participants have an opportunity to meet session leaders and each other. During lunch, people will be seated at tables with Session Leaders, creating more opportunities to get to know the brand leaders of Silicon Valley. The cocktail party is yet another chance to mingle and socialize. And the dinner provides the ideal setting for interesting conversation and networking.

Best Practices Report

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Take a look at the Best Practices uncovered from the past summits.

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+ Download 2007 PDF