Speakers that will get you thinking. We invited industry top notch speakers for this summit. The Keynote speaker was Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation from Liquid Agency, and the Featured speakers were Rob Fuggetta, Founder & CEO from Zuberance and Eric Ryan, Co-founder of Method. See below to learn more about who they are and the topics they covered at the event.

Keynote Speaker

Marty Neumeier
Director of Transformation,
Liquid Agency

Building a culture of non-stop innovation.

In today's business environment, innovation has emerged as the most important ingredient to long term survival and success. In this short but inspirational lecture, Marty Neumeier will provide highlights of the concepts covered in his latest book "THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY". In this book Marty advocates the idea that business must evolve from "spreadsheet thinking" to "design thinking".

Marty will transform the way that you think about "design", and discuss how to leverage "design" and "design thinking" practices to build a culture of non-stop innovation. According to Marty, "Design drives innovation; innovation powers brand; brand builds loyalty; and loyalty sustains profits. So...if you want long-term profits, you need to start with design."

By the time the lecture is over, you will be inspired to inject new thinking into your work – and you will also get an autographed copy of THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY – giving you additional insights into designing a better future for your company and yourself.

About Marty:
Marty Neumeier started out as a graphic designer and he developed hundreds of brand icons, retail packages, and other communications for companies such as Apple, Adobe, Netscape, Kodak, and HP. Eventually, Marty evolved into an editor, and launched CRITIQUE, a magazine that quickly became the leading forum for improving design effectiveness through critical analysis. Later in his career, Marty started Neutron, a design think-tank focused on brand-building processes that drive organizational change.

Today, as Liquid Agency's Director of Transformation, Marty offers high level consulting for some of the world's most respected brands, while also writing and lecturing worldwide on the subject of branding, business and innovation.

Marty's books have been hailed as breakthroughs by Fast Company, BusinessWeek, and Harvard Business Review. His books have been described as a "practical field guide on how to create and grow a world-class brand", and "ZAG" was recently named one of "The 100 Best Business Books of All Time".

Featured Speaker

Rob Fuggetta
Founder & CEO,

Transform Brand Advocates into a Powerful
Marketing Force.

Companies spend billions building their brands via advertising and other paid media. Yet study after study has shown that the most trusted, influential conveyors of a company's brand messages and its most effective marketers are its Brand Advocates (highly-satisfied customers and others who pro-actively recommend the brand without being paid to do so.) In this presentation, Rob Fuggetta –  the founder and CEO of Zuberance, the leading brand advocacy company – will discuss how leading brands like Chili's, TiVo, Adobe  are generating millions of authentic brand and product recommendations, boosting conversions and sales, and getting a 10X Return on Advocacy (ROA), as measured by media and sales value. Drawing on over two years of real-world insights and experiences, Rob will show how brands can identify their Advocates by name and email address and turn them into powerful social media marketing machines. He'll discuss three myths about Brand Advocates, and offer a practical roadmap on how companies can get started now to energize their Advocates to drive positive Word of Mouth and sales now.

About Rob:
Rob is the driving force behind Zuberance's vision and strategy. He founded Zuberance in February 2007 because he saw a major opportunity for companies to harness the power of Word of Mouth and the Social Web to drive sales. As CEO, Rob is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Zuberance's business including product, engineering, operations, customer success, and sales and marketing. Rob is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley who has played a leadership role in three start-ups including Genuity, which went public in June 2000. Rob was formerly a partner at Regis McKenna Inc., the legendary Silicon Valley marketing and communications firm, where he co-led the global Apple business.

Featured Speaker

Eric Ryan

The Method Method

Laundry detergent has never really evoked much excitement among consumers – that is, it didn't until childhood friends Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry burst onto the scene in 2000 and founded Method, named by Fast Company magazine as one of the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies. With such high praise, it's no surprise this line of home cleaning products – known as much for the design and shape of its bottles as their eco-friendly, creatively scented insides – has grown to more than $100 million in sales in less than a decade.

Behind Method's success is a philosophy that's centered on the intersection of sustainability and design and an irrepressible passion for fighting against “dirty.” In his presentation, Eric shares the amazing story behind the Method brand, the company's eco-mission, getting their culture just right, and how it was possible for his team to go up against more than a few brand giants and turn the consumer-packaged-goods industry on its head.

About Eric:
Eric makes soap. He started Method in 2001 with his high school buddy Adam and has since built Method into a $150 million brand at retail – a brand that was ranked the 7th fastest growing company in America by Inc. He's been named an eco-leader by Vanity Fair, a Food & Wine Tastemaker, an eco-revolutionary by Time Magazine, and PETA's Person of the Year.

Prior to becoming a soapmaker, Eric started his career in London as a strategic planner in advertising followed by stints at Fallon, Hal Riney and TATTOO. Eric lives in Marin with his wife Ingrid and two year-old daughter Anya.

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